For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had pretty good things to say about the Mace Windu comic so far. I’m going to just cover this issue this time around, so if you’re wondering about the comic overall, please refer to my previous reviews.

I’ll start out with a few things about this issue that I wasn’t a huge fan of. I thought the art wasn’t great this time around, perhaps because so much of it hinged on seeing people’s faces, which this art style has never been great at rendering. Regardless of exactly what it was, something about this issue was off. This comic never had my favorite art in the Star Wars line, but something about this issue just really didn’t do it for me.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the cover, I guess it was well drawn, I’m just not a big fan of uncomfortable close-ups of someone gritting their teeth. I think it’s a bit much, usually and it doesn’t really reach out and grab me. It’s sort of a generic comic book thing so it doesn’t make the comic leap off the shelf.

What I liked more was the story, though I had wished we’d gotten a bit less on the backstory and a bit more on the current fight. The backstory element was cool, and I enjoyed seeing Mace Windu’s master, but I thought it was sort of predictable and I didn’t need every single panel to know what was happening. It just felt like it could have been tighter. And I wouldn’t have minded spending more time on that, if I hadn’t felt as if the present day fight was suffering from us doing so. The backstory elements should have given the current fight context, but instead they just sort of were inter-cut at random and only come together at the very end and then not very definitively.

Now, onto the Star Wars nerd stuff. As you know spoilers for the whole canon and all that. I’ll start by getting more in-depth about what I was already saying.  I think I wanted to get more of what Prosset was upset about during their fight. I mean, it’s clear this is not the first thing that the Order has done that he finds suspect, so it would have even been interesting to have him also have a flashback to something else that he witnessed that was problematic while Windu was flashing back to an event that informed the fight for him. I feel like Prosset actually has grounds to be angry, so it is perfectly fine for us to see his side of the story.

I wanted him and Windu to try to talk it out while fighting (because that’s sort of a Jedi thing) and come to a real impasse as opposed to Prosset just refusing to have a real conversation and being stubborn. I’m reading this comic to see it made clear that the Jedi during the Clone Wars were compromising their ideals and watch Windu go from one of their best to one of their most problematic: so when someone who has genuine grounds for disagreement is shoved into a straight-jacket without it being clear that incapacitation and incarceration are not how to deal with dissent and there was a better way. And I think the comic trying to equate what his master did with the charlatan Jedi and what he did to Prosset, a real member of the Jedi order with genuine concerns who hadn’t actually done anything except disagree with the Council, was totally ridiculous.

Windu acted more like a General than a Jedi, and while I think that’s totally in-character, I don’t think it’s right. The point is that situations that force these sorts of decisions compromise the Jedi at the highest level by putting turning their ideals into paradoxes, and until now that was sort of what I felt like the comic was about. But if the comic is just going to side with Windu all the time for not understanding the difference between being a Jedi Master and a military leader, I don’t really know what the point of it is.

On a lighter note, young Mace Windu’s hair was maybe the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It was the best.

I do hope the comic gets back to actually dealing with the Jedi Order’s hypocrisies instead of just excusing or glossing over them like Clone Wars always did, but at least it’s still showing them, I guess? I’m going to reserve judgment on saying that it’s not living up to its potential, but this issue did certainly stray from the path a bit. We’ll see with the next one if they manage to find their way back.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Art: 3.5 Stars
Cover: 4 Stars
Dialogue: 4.5 Stars
Plot/Relevance: 4 Stars

(W) Matt Owens (A) Denys Cowan, Edgar Salazar (CA) Jesus Saiz

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