REVIEW: Heart Throb Season Two


As far as introductions to creators go, this was the perfect one to Christopher Sebela. Heart Throb is an exciting story, packed with action and anticipation even though it isn’t a fast-paced thriller. Sebela is a strong writer, his characters shining past their life of fiction and into the hearts of the readers. Callie, specifically, resonates on a very real level. With her focus on the job, and the people she cares about, she’s determined to pull off one more heist before going away. With the law hot on her tail, she needs to make a getaway and a clean break.

But is she strong enough to make one with the man she’s in love with?

Callie’s boyfriend is steadfast and loving, and she seems to be just as in to him as he is to her. So what’s the secret behind Mercer? And why does Callie seem hellbent on getting him out of her life, for good?

With solid background assists from Gavin Guidry, Robert Wilson IV takes Sebela’s Queen of Crime to the max. Although some of the panel transitions seemed a little awkward and stiff, the overall look is great. There’s a charm to the style, with thicker lines and face lines to add character expression. I’ve always been a fan of artwork that manages both great detail and simplicity all at once, and Wilson is that. It seems a little less modern in the presentation of character design, and I love that. Creators who find a happy balance between realism and cartoon are my favorite. With the genius colors of Nick Filardi, the visuals of Heart Throb gets a sold A+

Heart Throb Season Two deals with heavy themes of crime and mental illness, but in ways that don’t glorify the two. There’s a very real presentation of the issues at hand, and I’m excited to see where Sebela leads Callie in season three. This issue ends with a twist that Callie doesn’t see coming, even in her own mind, that’ll leave you clamoring for more.

(W) Christopher Sebela
(A/C) Robert Wilson IV
(C) Nick Filardi
(CA) Robert Wilson IV with Nick Filardi

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