This comic takes place in the same universe as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, though the characters involved are not connected to the main plotline of the hit TV show. This comic seems to take place in the past, showcasing adventures and magic of new characters and settings.

This particular comic starts a new arc featuring two male protagonists (the show focuses almost exclusively on female characters), a young unicorn looking for someone to save his village and the great hero of “the Helm,” a large stallion named Rockhoof, who wields a magic shovel.

This first issue involves the unicorn gaining Rockhoof’s trust by helping to save the Helm’s water supply they then travel on in order to find a healer that the unicorn believes they will need to help save his village.

I honestly really enjoyed the humor and plot of the comic, the writing is overall very tight, and the art is also of a pretty high standard, even though this comic doesn’t feature any characters from the show. Generally, I prefer show expansion work to completely original comic lines, but this comic proved to be the exception to the rule, as he Rockhoof and the unicorn (whose name I don’t think we actually learn) are well-developed and fun and have a very entertaining and enjoyable friendship.

I think what I liked is that the comic wasn’t trying to do anything that the normal show doesn’t do. By that I mean, I think some of the other comics have turned me off by delving too hard into things that I didn’t really see as matching the tone of the show or universe (such as Celestia having some sort of difficult romance with an alternate universe version of King Sombra that way played up for drama or really anything regarding the history of the Crystal Empire). This comic just wanted d to tell a story about ponies using magic and friendship to solve problems and it did that very well.

The new elements to the story are the time period and setting. The Helm is a new area of Equestria and while the normal time period of Friendship is Magic seems to be roughly Victorian-1930s or so (again, roughly, there are definitely elements of their culture which, due to magic seem very, very modern) this seems to take place in a more medieval setting, which is really fun and interesting to see.

If you enjoy the show’s setting and humor  and are interested in seeing more of the universe, this comic is a great choice. The characters are fun, the plot is interesting, the art is great, and the dialogue is funny and engaging. I would definitely recommend this comic to any fans of My Little Pony who are up for a fun, light-hearted adventure in Equestria’s past.

Art: 4.8 Stars
Dialogue: 5 Stars
Plot/Story: 4.8 Stars
Cover: 4.5 Stars

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

(W) Jeremy Whitley (A/CA) Tony Fleecs

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