Review: Magic Wings

The comic industry is awash with possibilities; not everything needs to be about capes, cowls, heroes and villains.  Comics can be used to tell different types of stories.  Take Magic Winds, out this week on Comixology.  At first glance its a quaint little story.  But beware; even the quaintest of stories can pack a punch.

David Santos is a good guy.  He is the perfect role model for his nephew James and he donates hair to charity  But in every garden some rain must fall and no good deed goes unpunished as after helping a homeless man by getting him some spicy wings, David is given a magic candle that when lit at that special moment of intimacy, will guarantee him a son.

The book is written by Mike Wietecha who delivers a solid plot, in which he works hard to keep the reader on their toes.  All the characters in the book are engaging, with possibly Wietecha’s greatest strength is not to make the kid super annoying.  If anything the pace is a little too pedestrian at times, which isn’t helped by the script that feels a bit too abrupt, maybe even less than natural.  I imagine that  dialogue can be the hardest part of the writing process, giving each character a different voice that allows for true interaction between the characters and by virtue, with the reader must be difficult.

The book is illustrated by Ryan Foust whose easy-going pencils gives the book a kind of “aw shucks” quality that manages to over compensate for some of the dialogue problems. It’s an easy book to follow, with Foust growing in stature as the book reaches its ahem… climax.  The panel structure could be described as standard, but remember that this isn’t a superhero book!  Colors are provided by Luca Bulgheroni who works hard to give what I assume is digital colouring a level of texture.  This works better in certain sections of the book than others.

Magic Wings is a fun little read from a group of creators who have certainly put their pens and pencils where their mouths are and they deserve to have the opportunity to grow and develop their collective talents.

Writing  – 3 Stars
Art -3 Stars
Colors – 3 Stars

Written by; Mike Wietecha
Art by; Ryan Foust
Colors by; Luca Bulgheroni
Publisher: Loud Paintings

Get your copy HERE

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