Review: Poe Dameron #20

Given that I’ve already reviewed previous issues of Poe Dameron, I’ll be focusing specifically on this issue, as well as the prospects for the new arc which started in this issue, “Legend Found.”

As the comic slowly but steadily approaches the opening of The Force Awakens, we are beginning to see more and more elements of the comic that related directly to the film. Since the comic first began, we knew it would end right before Poe’s eventual meet up with Lor San Tekka on Jakku at the beginning of the movie. This is the first comic where we actually see Lor San Tekka himself, and what he was doing in order to get the map to Luke, which he has at the beginning of the film.

This issue also tells us a bit more about the Resistance and its relationship to the First Order, as well as giving us information about other members of Poe’s Black Squadron, which, until now, we haven’t seen much of.

Overall, in terms of setting up for a new adventure, I think this comic does a pretty good job. I honestly also think that you could jump in here if you wanted to understand more about Lor San Tekka without reading the entire comic up until this point, as we’re reintroduced to most of the Black Squadron members, and get all information vital to their relationships to each other and potential problems within the squad in this issue.

As I’ve stated before, the art and writing in this comic is great, and this issue is no exception, though this issue is a bit short  on the normal action that Unzueta and Prianto usually illustrate so masterfully. I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a slow issue, but it lays a good foundation for what promises to be a very interesting arc, and I do think that the opening sequences on Cato Neimoidia (a planet we haven’t seen much of since the end of the Republic era), are absolutely excellent. Additionally, I think the cover is gorgeous and reminiscent of old school Star Wars art in the best ways.

Now, onto the stuff for the hardcore fans. As usual spoiler warnings for the entire canon, just in case. As we get closer to the events of The Force Awakens timeline wise, the expectation is to see more of the inner workings of the Resistance as well as the First Order’s place in the galaxy, and this comic certainly delivers on that front. This comic answered a lot of questions that I had about the Resistance in particular, such as the size of the Resistance and to some extent their relationship to the First Order, and the feel of their conflict leading into the movie. I was glad to get some more insight into Lor San Tekka who, we’ve basically been told is an interesting person without ever really seeing any direct evidence of why or how.

Unrelated to material from the new trilogy, I also really enjoyed seeing Cato Neimoidia again. I’d been idly wondering if and how the Trade Federation would ever rebuild after its alliance with the Separatists and the reign of the Galactic Empire, and finding it repurposed into basically a giant storage vault for the super wealthy is interesting. I would have assumed that was more the sort of thing to happen on Scipio (the planet where the Banking Clan was based), but it’s possible that continued to act as a bank during the Imperial Era (though, presumably, under strict Imperial control).

To summarize, this was a good introduction to what I hope will be a very rewarding arc of one my favorite Star Wars comics. It would be a decent place to pick up Poe Dameron if you haven’t read it before, and certainly is not one to miss for continuing readers.

Cover: 5 Stars

Art: 5 Stars

Dialogue: 5 Stars

Relevance/Plot: 5 Stars  

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

(W) Charles Soule (A) Angel Unzueta (CA) Phil Noto

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