PARTY HARD TYCOON by Pinokl Games for people who hate real people parties. Released October 19th, it puts you in the role of a party planner tasked with making a name for himself in a party-centric city. Everybody loves parties, and it’s your job to throw together the perfect party for the right crowd. There’s a lot keeping you from doing that successfully, most of all the game’s design.

PARTY HARD TYCOON isn’t so much a bad game as it is an incomplete one. Being that the service has become a space for developers to get feedback during development, this wouldn’t be an issue if Pinokl Games wasn’t saying the version of the game we have now is complete enough to release. To start off, the interface by which you get assignments is a faux-texting app. Now this may just be me, but if you’re going to put e-mail, text or other modes of communication that exist in the real world into your game, they should be more streamlined as to let the player know they’re still playing a game, and it’s more fun than real life. E-mail isn’t fun, but e-mail in a game should be.

Gameplay is confusing, even with a goal in mind. This is mostly due to the fact that once you’ve started a party, it doesn’t last long, which is both an indicator of a so-so party and a so-so party game. Guests don’t do much more than look for something to do and leave if they don’t find it. If there was more developed A.I., it could make for more dynamic missions, but most of what PARTY HARD TYCOON amounts to is setting up your venue beforehand so that everybody is satisfied. But even when guests are satisfied, it’s hard for the player to share that feeling when the moment goes by so quickly.

There are possibly thousands of simulators that will give you more enjoyment for $10. At a lower price-point, some of the issues in PARTY HARD TYCOON may have been forgiven, but a lack of overall smoothness and consistency is hard to make up for when a game’s foremost goal is more or less to help one escape the boredom of life. This isn’t true for all games, but if your game is about hosting the dopest parties around, it’s a bad sign when your title has nothing that sets it apart.

Oct 19, 2017
Pinokl Games , Kverta Limited

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