Review: GOD COMPLEX #1

When three clergymen show up dead, Seneca is one of the detectives assigned to the case. In a downpour of rain, it becomes clear to him that there’s more than ‘wrong place, wrong time’ when it comes to these men, and though he knows it’s futile, he stays, searching for evidence he won’t find.

Well, not in the normal way of things.

Join Seneca as he teams up with a Ruler you may recognize from your history class, and delve into a world of magic, gods and corrupt churches. Paul Jenkins inserts the reader into the story in an ingenious way, giving the narrative conscience a third person view, making it read like you’re the voice in Sen’s head as he struggles to balance his career with a personal relationship and a painful past. The story is haunting, beautiful and written to resound in your head like an echo; quiet, with a build up that will slam in to you with ridiculous force.

Hendry Praseyta continues this route with the artwork, creating powerful imagery that pops off the page even as it draws you into this crime-ridden city. In particular, the first several pages take place outdoors in the rain. Praseyta uses shadows and perception to give stunning clarity and depth to the art, while a slightly out of focus background looks like the reader is peering through the storm themselves. There’s never a doubt what the focus point of the panel is, and speaking of, GOD COMPLEX has a beautiful layout. I love when books breakaway from traditional layouts and get creative with the panels, allowing your eye to constantly move, and letting them be a part of the storytelling, rather than just the delivery method.

As always, the colorist needs love, too. Jessica Kholnnine may have became one of my favorites after this issue. Her choice of coloring and shading is a huge part of what makes the artwork so gorgeous. Coloring is one thing about comics I will never be able to understand; having the ability to take someone else’s work and bring it to life with inks or digitals is astounding. They really need more credit. As does the cover artist, Isuardo Therianto. The cover is cool, collected and awe-inspiring. It’s basically everything I’d expect of a cover about a society ruled by Greek gods and virtual security systems they can hack in to.

I don’t suggest passing this one up. GOD COMPLEX promises to be a riveting story, with plot twists that will take you on a wild ride that you’d be insane to pass up. There’s a moment of religious ridicule, but that seems to be embedded within Seneca with good reason, so if you can look pass that, you’re golden.

Story: Paul Jenkins, Bryan Lie
Art / Cover: Hendry Prasetya

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