Review: Spellchecked #3

In this third instalment of Spellchecked we find Dawn Davenport floating in nothingness while remembering some family memories. This powerful mage is not going to be held here for long and with the will of her spell and the help of her superhero styling bother DJ they trap an entity and save the day. Go Team!

The Davenport family are all blessed with magical abilities, but each family member chooses to use them in different ways. Dawn and DJ are out to help the general public, the police and anyone who needs them. Their father on the other hand, well the less said the better.

After their successful capture of an evil entity, the local police have it shipped to a secure location, while Dawn reminds DJ how important family time it. How does she do this you ask? Like every other older sister does, she challenges him to a video game of course.

We leave the Davenports to see a jail scene and not a pleasant one. This is leading to something bigger but the family are not aware of it yet. As their life goes back to their relative normality with DJ returning to college and Dawn getting a job offer, things are looking up. Something big is brewing and we just have to wait and see what the next issues of this visually stunning comic brings.

I personally find this comic fully entertaining. The artwork is fantastic, with panel placements not the standard four to a page style is often see in smaller comics. It directs the eyes and pulls you in and out where it is needed. The colour choices are fantastic, avoiding the over dramatic and replacing it with the subtle and interesting. The writing is engaging and flows well. Its feels like actual conversation when you are reading it and makes you forget everything around you until you need to turn the page.

I highly recommend this comic to anyone who is interested in reading about magic users, superheroes and also crime fighting. It covers multiple genres and is teen friendly.

Written by; Quinton Miles
Art by; Mauricio Campetella
Colors by; Paul John Little
Published by; QAM Comics


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