Review: Salt Lake Comic Con 2017

Who would of thought that Salt Lake City would become an area that has one of the most popular conventions in the country. I may be bias in saying that, but all things considered I believe it whole heartedly. This past weekend, Dan Farr Productions put on their 5th annual Salt Lake Comic Con at the Salt Palace in the heart of Salt Lake City Utah.

Michael Rooker and Dick Van Dyke at SLCC17

Those three days brought a lot of people and a lot of celebrities, artists, authors, vendors. Some of those celebrities included the legendary Dick Van Dyke as well as Stephen Amell, Rob Schneider, John and Joan Cusack, Elijah Wood, Val Kilmer and so many more. In fact, having been a volunteer for this event since their very first show, this show had a lot more celebrities this go round than previous events, at least from my perspective.

If you’ve ever been to SLCC, you know that the Salt Palace is a big convention hall. With a massive vendor floor area, lots or rooms for panels including the Grand Ballroom which houses some of the most memorable panels that I can even recall. Comparing the event to years past, I personally loved this event the most. The vendor floor provided plenty of room to be able to walk around without feeling like a sardine. The variety of vendors was a nice change as well which included a lot more comic book vendors that had a plethora of long boxes for you to dive into, as well as toy vendors and your other local vendors.

Some of the epic moments from this event included an appearance of Rob Schneider during the Dick Van Dyke panel. We all know Dick from movies such as Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In the entertainment industry I would classify him as an icon. During his panel, there was a Q&A session with Dick and the moderator, Dan Farr. Rob Schneider approached the microphone and surprised the crowd when he asked the icon “A lot of people change their name in show business, and I’ve heard a rumor and I don’t know if it’s true, I just wanted to finally ask you with some witnesses here that if you did or did not change your name from Dick Van Dyke from Penis Van Lesbian..” It was quite the moment that shocked a lot of people, myself included. Dick took it like a champ and rolled with it and it was great to see two comedians work in tandem like that. To see the video for yourself, just click on the link here.

The cosplay at SLCC was as always, fantastic to see. There was a wide variety of cosplay covering all fandoms from DC, Marvel, Dr. Who, Overwatch and of course a lot of Mary Poppins.. I wonder why. It amazes me the time and effort that people will put in to their cosplay and the results reflect that. This included some of the most epic photo ops that I have ever seen.

Isn’t that Precious. Elijah Wood SLCC17


One in particular which has spread throughout the internet included Lord of the Rings star, Elijah Wood and a very passionate cosplayer that took the art of photo ops and showed us the expert level of celebrity photos. In fact, I’m going to let the picture speak for itself.

I told you right, absolutely epic! and props to Elijah for being open and willing to make this happen.

Other celebrities took the opportunity to make the most of their Photo ops with the fans. John Barrowman (Dr. Who & Arrow) is known for really putting himself out there.

If you ever have the chance to get the Costume Photo Op with John, absolutely take it.

Awkward Prom Photo w/ John Barrowman (Yes, that is me)

Now a word of caution, if you’re uncomfortable with really stepping outside of the box, then this might not be the best for you. But if you’re ok with it, this is the best opportunity to truly have an amazing moment with a celebrity, and to John, I personally thank you for the opportunity. Sure it’s the awkward prom date, and sure my wife may have looked at me differently after Saturday but I’ll admit, it was a surreal moment.


I do have to take just a brief moment and talk about the volunteers. If you have ever been to a comic con, you know that volunteers give their time, and effort to help these shows be a success. Well I first hand was able to see a group of dedicated people really do their absolute best to make this event awesome. From the volunteers that work the registration area to panels, to those out on the vendor floor, they all did a phenomenal job. It takes a lot of energy to work those very long hours, being on your feet for that same amount of time, and at no point complain about it. I am proud to be a part of the veteran group who have worked so many of these events that at this point they all blend together, but what an honor it is to work with them. These individuals give so much time prior to the show, during the show and even after to ensure that each event is better than the last.

My overall opinion of Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 was this was in fact, the best event that they’ve had. Sure there are hiccups here and there, but overall it was a huge success and a memorable event.


To Check out all the photos from the show, check out their Facebook page by click the link here


Salt Lake Comic Con

September 21-23rd

Salt Lake City, Utah

Prices: 5/5

Wait times to get it: 5/5 (there was no wait time)

Variety: 5/5

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