Riots. Hackers. Voodoo. Creepy rabbits. It’s time to jump into KILLBOX: CHICAGO #3!

Creator Tom Riordan and brand new artist Marco Ferrari have taken us deep inside the rabbit hole for KILLBOX: CHICAGO, but we have even further to go — literally and figuratively, as Interpol agent Mako Mori reveals her loyalty and heads into the Chicago sewer to expose the Killbox program!

Meanwhile, the clowns start a riot, Wilky Dae is confiscating the minds of Chicago street workers with voodoo, and Leonard visits Timothy at a veterinary office with a nasty ultimatum involving his son. The Chicago Killbox spirals to its chaotic conclusion, coming in Issue 4!

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(W) Tom Riordan (A/CA) Marco Ferrari
Publisher: American Gothic Press

Miss the first two issues? Grab them at comiXology or CaptainCo!

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