Kickstarter Focus: Queer Kingdom Issue #1

Queer Kingdom is a LGBTQ comic book, Featuring the furry adventures of the Queer Kingdom crew on their fabulous adventure!

Created by Jon Paul Jones and based on his profile it looks like it will be fun zine-sized 10 page comic book with furry gay animals going on gay (happy) adventures with John a panda transitioning into a teddy bear! Jason a fabulous bouncy skunk, with his beauty influence status! Last of the boys is Brony, a muscled pony with a rhino fetish!

I appreciate that this book reaches out to the LGBQ community by giving them a voice and with my country of Australia will have a vote on same sex marriage this month, I know I will vote YES!

The art style is interesting with John looking like he has been watching way too much Netflix!

Meet the characters of Queer Kingdom:

You all should check out the video for the campaign, you will see why this may take you to the wild side!

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