Kickstarter Focus: MITCH HAMMER, Construction Mutant

Mitch Hammer #1 is a one of a three-issue series with a hero of a different kind, a manly construction worker tag-teamed with a biology student as they take on a giant mutant caterpillar… or manerpillar!?

This is another project that provide $1 PDF copies, this is a story of a man’s man trying to right wrongs and then enjoy a cold brew at the end of a long day at work! This is a humorous book that appears not to take itself seriously – which is what we have come to love on Flipside Focus!  The art in this book is very attractive from first sight hence I believe it will have no problem grasping attention from comic lovers seeking something different!

Writer Chris Lewis along with artist Fernando Pinto, colorist K. Michael Russell, letterer Nic J. Shaw and editor Dan Hill wish you make your pledge and click here:

There is a stack load of perks the more you spend, these include other works by Chris Lewis such as DRONES – published by IDW/Comics Experience, with art by Bruno Oliveira and Cabral, MIXMANCER – with art by Carlos Trigo and Andrew Crossley and KARMA POLICE – published by Vault Comics, with art by Tony Gregori and Jasen Smith.

And much more!

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