Flipside Focus Brings Kickstarters Projects to Geekery Magazine!

G’day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix, I have been the host of indie comics podcast Flipside Focus for over a year now. Prior to talking excitingly about indie comics I have been an advocate of the spectrum for Comic Crusaders, I am proud to have been approached by creators from three continents to review their work and it has been an honor without question.

The main reason Flipside Focus has been a passion for myself, The Random Dude Josh and Al Mega are the Kickstarter Projects, every episode we have found absolutely amazing projects and incorporating them into the Podcast. Nothing pleases us more as a fan is seeing these projects make their goals, heck even better if they smash it! 

To create a brighter light on future projects, keep your feelers out for Geekery Magazine as we will help these projects get off the ground and maybe mentioned on the upcoming episodes of Flipside Focus!

So, do ya’self a favor and watch this space!

Dodgy is a Senior Contributor for Comic Crusaders spanning from Comics, Music, Manga, Action Figures and more.. He is also the proud host of the Indie Comic Podcast Flipside Focus and Marvel Comics Podcast on No-Prize Podcast and VP of the Undercover Capes Podcast Network.

Flipside Focus go to: http://www.undercovercapes.com/category/flipside-focus/

No-Prize Podcast go to: http://www.undercovercapes.com/category/no-prize-podcast/

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