To all of my fellow members of Team Geek, I am humbled for this opportunity to share some thoughts with you. I realize that the goal is to keep you all updated once a month, and considering today is the last day of the month why not cover both.

Since I was given this great opportunity to be in the position I am in, I would be in the wrong if I didn’t take a moment to thank a couple of individuals.

To Garrett Gunn: you epic bearded man of a man, thank you for your faith in me to carry this epic vision of which you had. I appreciate our friendship and all the shenanigans that have happened and the shenanigans that will happen moving forward. If you have an opportunity, check out Garrett’s newest endeavor of Average Ape Comics.

To Al Mega: Words truly cannot express my gratitude for the many opportunities that you have given me. This seriously is a dream come true, and I’m loving every second of it. This has been a crazy ride, and it’s only going to continue to get better and better.

To all the contributors of Team Geek: Without all of you, taking the time to read, give those open and honest reviews, horoscopes etc we would not have seen the growth that we have had since this concept started. I applaud and appreciate each and every one of you and so look forward to working with you.

Ok, now that we are good there. To all of our fans and supporters of Geekery Magazine, we appreciate all of you because at the end of the day, this wouldn’t be what it is if it’s not because of you. We have a lot of excitement going on and I for one am excited that you’re here for the journey. We’ve got the Horoscopes, Comic Previews and Reviews, Battle at the Cinema, all covering the things that you love.

I encourage all of you as you read articles on the site, whether it’s the Horoscope, or a review etc to share it on your social media. Let people know just how epic this is, and why you love it so much. Social Media is such a powerful tool and one that anyone can do to help share the excitement that we all have about any Fandom. #TeamGeek is the official hashtag of Geekery Magazine and lets show the world just how awesome it truly is.

Also let us know if there are things that you would want to see. If you’re a creator and want that extra bump to get your book out there, let us know. This is a community with the same goals and working together is the only way to win.

Enjoy Geekery Magazine!

Josh Einfalt

VP of Geekery Magazine

Twitter: @TheRandomeDud3


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