Creator Spotlight – Bobby Torres “I Want To Create A Comic Book!”

Foreword from Geekery Magazine’s VP, Josh Einfalt:

At Geekery Magazine we love comics. More importantly we love the creators that put their blood, sweat and tears into these books for all of us to enjoy. For some, you may not understand all that it takes to make a comic book, and we wanted to share with you the insight from a creator that has lived it. So I present to you this exciting glimpse into the experience first hand from creator Bobby Torres.


Okay… so what’s next?

Hence the beginning of my journey writing comics. At the time I didn’t know anyone who created comics. Well… not personally. The closest connection I had with an illustrator was my 7 year old son and the dinosaur drawings he proudly brought home from schoo

So… How do I do this?

Where can I get the answers to the avalanche of questions I have? I did what any perplexed yet determined person would do. I googled it.

It’s there where I found an entire online world that provided information and resources regarding comic book creating. Many of these findings I still reference to this day. My initial research lead me to purchase a book titled Words for Pictures by Brian Michael Bendis. If you’re new to comics and comic book creating, that’s a name you’ll soon be familiar with. After reading the book, I was struck with inspiration. I wanted to begin creating but first I felt the need to thank Mr. Bendis for what his book taught me.

Suddenly that night the improbable happen. I like to think of it as a Doug Flutie moment. Down by 4 with seconds on the clock, scrambling to avoid the pass rush and narrowly evading the sack. A slight opening reveals itself as you toss a Hail Mary from your own 37, against 30 mph winds. You watch the ball travel 64 yards into the arms of hope. Touchdown!

I sent Mr. Bendis an email thanking him for my newly acquired knowledge. At the time he was serving as an Executive Producer for POWERS. A television show that was adapted from his creator owned comic book series. He was also serving as a producer for Marvels Jessica Jones on Netflix.

He’ll never see the email nonetheless respond to it but I can hope. Less than 4 hours after I sent the email, I get a reply and it reads… KEEP WRITING.


And that’s what I did… kept writing.

I was fortunate to have my first comic book titled Rapid Eye, published by Tenacious Comics (A Creative CO OP) and I’m excited and proud to announce my next comic book releasing this winter titled OBLIVIOUS, published by Insane Comics.  


By Bobby Torres


The resources that helped me get to where I am at today:


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