REVIEW: Spellchecked #2

Spellcheck revolves around the Davenport family. A family like no other in their town; they are all mages or magic users to you and me.  But like most families they are all very different from each other. Their father Dwayne is not the best role model, he likes his drinking and he doesn’t seem to approve of his children helping people with what he describes is the “small stuff”. We then have the eldest sibling Dawn.  She is powerful but still unsure of her place in life. She helps where she can and is always looking out for her younger brother DJ. DJ or Mister Mystic as he likes to be called, is a superhero mage. He’s got a cape, he helps the police and is trying to build his brand.

In this issue, we find out that the artifact recovered from a botched robbery (DJ stopped it) is not what it seems. It possesses power, it has killed and is looking to get out. Detective Lowery has asked Dawn and DJ for their help, because what else would you do if you found a magic artifact and had magic users on hand. Also, she’s dating Dawn.

Dawn and DJ get the police to clear the area so they can do their thing. DJ casts a barrier spell to protect those around and then in goes Dawn using the Doctrine Arcane to connect with the artefact. It pulls her in and trying to fool her with a fake scene with her farther.  But Dawn knows better and commands its true self to appear. And oh boy, does it appear. The darkness is called by many names but for now he wishes to be called Murab. He pulls her deeper into his trap wanting to absorb her energy and restore his physical form. Can she escape? Can DJ do anything to help from the outside? And will this be the start of something bigger then the family itself? You got to read the series and wait and see…

This is an excellent story line with the prospect to become very interesting. Many people will try to compare it to the likes of Charmed but this has a completely different vibe to it. The writing is clever and not over complicated. There is no real back story as of yet as to why or how the family became mages and for me that adds to the excitement. The illustrations, line work and colouring are fantastic with just the right amount of contrast to give the scenes depth and believability. This is appeal to all types of fantasy readers and anyone who like magic and crime fighting. This is a book to pick up and enjoy.

I really liked this comic and look forward to reading more. 4 out of 5!

Writer: Quinton Miles
Artist: Mauricio Campetella
Colors: John Paul Little
Letters: Ken Reynolds
Publisher: QAM Comics

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