REVIEW: Iron Fist #6 

You defeat an island of Kung Fu masters and realize that home is where your chi is, so you head back but your plane is ambushed in Canada by a horde of unknown attackers. We’ve all been there, right?


I guess that’s just the Rand luck.

On a personal level I have been looking forward to this issue. A long time Iron fist fan, I’ve been enjoying this run by Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins, and their team. I’d actually purchased and read the issue before it was given to me for review.
Ed gets it. His writing of fight scenes has the fluidity you look for in an Iron fist book and his characterization of Danny is spot on. It’s only added to by the art style of Mike who captures these movements and details down to a tee.

The addition of Shang-Chi is more than welcome; they are given a great dynamic and right from the start as Shang-Chi has come to save the “greatest Kung Fu master in the world.”

Humble Danny is humble.

Perhaps it’s a lesson in humility that will be taught in this arc, by both partners and foes alike. This crew does a compelling job of underlying the point (Yes, comics with a lesson learned) so that it hits you as it hits Danny, and I welcome it.

Self-exploration, a great buddy dynamic and loads of martial arts action is what lays on the road before you.. It’s a journey I’m going to enjoy being along for. I hope to see you all on the trail.  5 out of 5.

Writer: Ed Brisson
Penciler: Mike Perkins
Cover Artist: Jeff Dekal

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