Review: Things We Shouldn’t Remember #2

Right from the get go, it appears that Darby Pop may be a little worried that, we the readers, haven’t been paying attention as if our ability to remember has actually been compromised. There is a handy “previously on” blurb, which goes some way to clearing up some of the characters and their motivations from the first issue.

Personally, I have always been more of a show than tell kind of guy.

Thanks to the aforementioned brief, we get a more of an idea of who the players are. We also get to see the reunion of Marc and his seemingly one night stand, which he seems to have no trouble remembering. We also get introduced to a few new characters in the shape of Kevin , his music loving master and Christine and her Chihuahua stalker who all have their place in the overall story.

Writer Luis Roldan Torquemada can be forgiven for trying to cram so much in. He clearly wants to move the story forward, which is great, although I feel that if he spent just a tad more time on the set up then the conclusion wouldn’t need to be given as part of the interior cover. For the most part the dialogue is snappy making the characters seem viable within their own little worlds. The banter between Christine and Lola for example and of course Monica’s view on her odd personal values gives the book an almost normal feel, despite the weird goings on; such is why that hooded guy going all Vorlon on that poor little yappy rat-for-a-dog Chihuahua?

Mariano Eliche is again on art; this time however despite the same odd angles and cartoon like approach, his art feels more rushed than before. This might have something to do with the overall pacing of the book as its fair to say, there is quite a bit of physical movement on show; whether it’s Marc getting dragged from pillar to post or Christine running from / chasing the dog amongst others, giving the art a frenetic style when the story would be better served with a more structured artistic approach. It is not that Eliche’s art is bad, it just adds to the chaos. Colors are provided by Angel Lidon who tries to go for a clever approach which kind of works.

This book does feel different to last issue. Second issues can suffer from a type of sophomore slump. If the original ideas don’t work, there is still time to play with the thread to make a cohesive story and of course, the comic book market being how it is, you can’t course correct quickly based on reviews or readers’ comments as the books were finished months ago. With Darby Pop’s success of late (Sweet Lullaby, Bastard’s Waltz) I would have thought that would have had the courage of their past successes.

Writing – 3.5 Stars
Art – 3 Stars
Color – 3 Stars

Written by; Luis Roldan Torquemada
Art by; Mariano Eliche
Colrs by; Angel Lidon
Published by; Darby Pop

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