REVIEW: Evil Dead: Dark Ones Rising

This is no ordinary tale. This is the story of a hero, more man than chin. A woman who puts the Ass is sass, and the dead, who are evil. A tale as old as time. Okay, not really that last part, But this whole series has been refreshing. Though this review is simply for the third, I happily took it upon myself to revisit the first two as well, and take it in as a whole. You should too. Take it all in.

Frank Hannah, Raul Valdes, and the entire crew did a wonderful job of bringing these two back into the game. I’m of two minds here as I want to go off in tandem about this book; the plot points and devices used and even the subtle nods and inside jokes, yet at the same time I know you will need to experience it for yourself.

Catch that subtle wordplay? Experience.

You don’t just read this series. From the opening decision to carry a life on free of madness to all the ensuing madness, you experience it, the words and art sucking you in like so many ramen noodles.

With the Evil Dead anniversary approaching, it’s even more reason to give this title its due attention.  “Hail to the king, baby.” Five out of five stars.!

Writer: Frank Hannah
Art: Raul Valdes, Carlos Eduardo, Chris Summers
Cover: Yvel Guichet and Anton Kokarev
Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror

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