Review: The Cold Wave #3

The third issue of this “they live among us” story from QAM Comics hits the virtual stands this week, with last issue’s shocking conclusion hanging over Damon’s head.  Still in the “now you don’t really see us” world of this book, not everything is quite what it seems.  With the Ashley matter resolved in such a convincing manner, Damon heads of onto the next step of the aliens plan.

As the first act of the series comes to close, it is clear that writer/creator Quinton Miles is skilled at giving only so much away, with the first three issues acting as elongated introduction to the choices and adherence’s of Damon’s almost personal doctrine of rule following or at the very least, rule bending.  Miles writes in a gumshoe detective style that, despite the obvious ornery nature of that particular genre and its application here,  makes Damon interesting and almost likeable.

This chapter features a change in the art department, with Ken Krekler providing the art which is quite a dramatic change from Vladimir Kuzmanov.  It’s a difference that should be quite apparent, with Kuzmanov’s smoother lines replaces by Krekler’s more scratchy style.  During this transition, there are a couple of character design inconsistencies, yet that doesn’t detract in any way from the story telling.  One thing is certain is that Krekler’s uneven pencil lines suit the colors of Lemuel Calpito, who gives the book a darkness throughout.  The colors affect the whole book, giving the happier part of the second part a subtle over shadowing and the latter part an overwhelming sense of threat.

With the final act coming to a close, we get to see the various sub plots tie together before Miles takes us down the next avenue.  The pacing of the series has really worked so far, showing that Miles has the wherewithal to keep the reader interested.

Writing – 3.5 Stars
Art – 3 Stars
Colors – 4 Stars

Written by: Quinton Miles
Art by: Ken Krekler
Colors by: Lemuel Calpito
Published by: QAM Comics


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