Space Goat and The Dabel Brothers present The Lil Bub Coloring Book

Love Lil BUB? Today For Her 6th Birthday, Dabel Brothers and Space Goat Team Up to Give “The Most Amazing Cat on the Planet” Her Own Coloring Book Series

The first coloring book is now available exclusively at the Lil BUB online store.

Rescue kitten, Internet superstar and all-around badass, Lil BUB has raised more than $500,000 for animals in need. Now, Dabel Brothers Publishing and Space Goat Productions have partnered to give Lil BUB fans another reason to smile: the first-ever Lil BUB coloring book series. (Squeal!)

“With our love of cats here at Space Goat, plus the fact that the sale of every book benefits charity, this partnership was really a no-brainer,” said Shon Bury, Publisher of Space Goat Productions. “With Dabel Brothers’ reputation for producing high-quality content, we were so excited when they brought us in to team up on this project.”

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