Advance Review: Spellchecked #1

Hot off the digital press, from the people at Qam Comics, who brought you The Cold Wave, comes a  story of a magical family who are all at different stages of their development.  As with any family, there are squabbles and perceived slights as well as long-buried issues.  Sure you love your family, but no one said you had to actually like them!

Dwayne Davenport is the master mage, father of sorts to Dawn Davenport who may well be a mystical vigilante after using her powers to thwart a robbery at her local convenience store and Dwayne Davenport Jr AKA DJ AKA Mister Mystic the mage superhero of Allied Metro. Between the trio they have their own problems to solve, with or without the help of the rest of the family.

Writer Quinton Miles, takes a breather from looking at social infrastructures in  The Cold Wave; instead looking a the things that somehow threatens to tear families apart, despite the fact that they may ultimately serve to draw them together.  Miles has written a group of characters that are easily recognisable; the father who sees his work as more important than his kids; the daughter looking to find herself in the world and the younger brother, an excitable pup of a lad, out to carve a name for himself as mage-cum-crime fighter.  Even though the ideas behind the story are familiar, the execution is top-notch with each character getting a chance to either shine or to show how far apart from each other they all seem.

Mauricio Campetella is the artist providing the images and panels for this book who delivers nice easy flowing panels that alludes to the rather easy-going style of the book.  The framework of the characters is strong throughout making this book more character driven than you may well expect.   Facial elements are also well covered, I especially like Dawn’s reaction to still having to pay the grocery bill. If there was room for improvement, it would be perspective, which at times is relegated in detail for the sake of a stronger image which ironically weakens the overall pose.  Colors are provided by Paul John Little  who delivers a different type of scheme from that seen in The Cold Wave, yet suits the “superhero” elements in the book well.

QAM comics is consistently looking to push the envelope with their continued presence on Comixology, with a  range of books that has something for every fan.

Spellchecked #1 is due for release on Comixology from June 21st.

Writing – 4 Stars
Art -3.5 Stars
Colors – 3.5 Stars

Drawn by Mauricio Campetella, with colors by Paul John Little and letters by Ken Reynolds.

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