REVIEW: Modern Testament Vol. 4

And when Wednesday cometh so did an epic comic book titled Modern Testament!!! What an interesting take on some of the oldest characters of the world. If you like your religion in comic book form and a modern take on the oldest of characters in biblical history, then this is for you. In Modern Testament vol. 4, we get four short stories written and created by Frank Martin. It’s an interesting four stories. As we humans evolve and change throughout time, who’s to say God, devils, and angels wouldn’t? I liked this take on these characters. Cruel, real and in the end just doing their job as would anyone who lives in this present world would do. Plus I’m really taking a like to the split stories in one comic style and it hits the mark with this book too. A comic that gives an update to the oldest of characters, we get a gritty possible realization, strange turn of events, and fun!

With two stand alone shorts and one split into two, this book has some really great artists on board too. San Espina (Better The Devil You Know and Than the Devil You Don’t.) does a great job in the split story. He has this dark style of drawing that really matched this story page for page. Joined with colors by Adri Pratama and you had a creepy, dark tale of the devil himself and how he conducts business nowadays. Martin Szymanski who draws “God Complex” really had some fun with the pages. You can tell when an artist’s imagination is cut loose and given lots of possibilities. Miguel Maraqes added these excellent light shaded colors that really went great with this storyline. It really was the finishing touch on an excellent point of view from Frank Martin. Last but not least is “At Death’s Door” which is a tale of Death getting back in shape as he has become a couch potato and gets motivated to get back in shape. Told you there was going to be fun! Art by Anthony Pugh and colors by Julian Dominguez deliver Martin’s fun last tale of the comic and it’s a fun one to close out the issue.

I really enjoyed this book because as it takes humans down a notch. Yes we have come a long way but we really should be more humble in our creation, planet and lives. We seem to live as if there won’t be any consequences in the end. I know this comic is fiction but it brought up some subtle points that I rathered enjoyed reading about. The cover by Jonathan Rector is very awesome as I will have to add it to my collection. Modern Testament gets five out of five stars!

Written/Created by Frank Martin
Cover by Jonathan Rector
Letters by Ken Nuttall
Interior Pin-Up by Nicolas Touris

“Better the Devil you Know” by San Espina and Adri Pratama

“God Complex” by Martin Symanski and Miguel Marques

“…Than the Devil You Don’t” by San Espina and Adri Pratama

“At Death’s Door” by Anthony Pugh and Julian Dominguez

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