Review: The Cold Wave #2

You would be forgiven to believe that Damon Rush was beginning to have some feeling towards those who he had been tasked to oversee, yet never to interact with.

Having been asked to keep an eye on a young lady by one of his cohorts, Damon manages to achieve this in a unique way.  In the process, we start to see the zealous way he believes in his mission, in his overall goal.

This book is written by QAM comics owner Quinton Miles.  Miles goes about his business in a methodical way, covering the bases with surprising clarity.  It is as if Damon and his manner is a representation of Miles.  Whilst the there is a plan in play, Miles offers a number of surprises with the conclusion of this book being a doozy, even if the “alien among us theme” seems to be taking a back seat.

Vladimir Kuzmanov work in this second issue lacks a little of connectivity.  Part of that could be due to a lack of backgrounds, with Kuzmanov relying on  mainly big  patches of one color or another.  Whilst you could say that this is the purview of colourist Lemuel Calpito the pair do need to work together.  I am almost tempted to believe that the level  of disconnection is done on purpose, adding to the implied “in this world, but not of this world” vibe that Damon exudes.  Whatever the reason, the lack of character interaction within their own environment does tend to stick out like a bit of a sore thumb.

The second part of The Cold Wave goes some way to show the lengths that Damon will go to, to complete his goals, taking what he  feels are the right actions, which in turn generates the conflict within the story, which Miles is hoping carries through to its conclusion.

Writing – 3 Stars
Art – 2.5 Stars
Colors – 2.5 Stars

Published by QAM Comics

Written by Quinton Miles
Art by Vladimir Kuzmanov
Colored by Lemuel Calpito
Cover by Ken Krekeler
Lettered by Ken Reynolds
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