REVIEW: Grimm Tales of Terror #5

On a dark and stormy night, there was a comic sitting next to you on the coffee table. You reach for it. As you do, you take a quick glance at the cover. Grimm Tales of Terror is slashed across the top of it. You open the book and get pulled in by a wisp of an arm. Page after page, tension rises and by the time you finished it, you were glad you read it. That’s how I felt about this issue of Grimm Tales of Terror #5 written by Dan Wickline, Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Dave Franchini, and Pat Shand. They spin a tale that reads quick but feels like a feature film. The art and colors of this comic by Massimiliano Veltri, Fran Gamboa and J.C. Ruiz are really interesting. They give it this haunting feeling that really went well with the story. Even the inks were daunting. The issue itself is called Snuff Film. The story is covered in one issue. I like this comic style. Every month is something new.

As the basis of this book is to uncover new day of age urban legends, it delivers. You get that uneasy feeling in your stomach and your eyes won’t leave the page. The characters of the story are making a snuff film and a scene goes too far as it leaves a young woman dead. Instead of calling the police, the filmmakers decided to take a vow of silence and hide her body. A few months later they begin to get haunted by a familiar figure. As the guys start to freak out, they turn on each other. Slowly sinking into desperation and despair. The paranoia of being caught with the mixture of being haunted is enough to break down anyone. The creators do a great job of displaying this throughout the pages and panels.

In a comic series that provides a different story every month with different plot and characters, Grimm Tales of Terror sounds like a fun and challenging project for the creating team. Also to be suspenseful and eerie must make it even more challenging. I like this issue and if it’s sitting next to you know that it is a whole story in one issue. It doesn’t involve a back issue commitment unless you like the style and get hooked. Read, enjoy, eye the shadows suspiciously and don’t read before bed time. Grimm Tales of Terror #5 gets four out of five stars.

(Story) Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha, Patrick Shand, Dave Franchini & Dan Wickline (W) Dan Wickline (A) Massimiliano Veltri (CA) Noah Salonga

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