REVIEW: Queen #1

With the growing popularity of politics and crooked politics of course eventually it would spill over into our literature and eventually our sacred dear comic books. Queen issue one is a prime example of the possibilities behind the closed doors of ours and yours country leaders. Starting as a kickstarter, Jamie Me delivers a fast pace first issue. I liked it and I really can’t stand politics or reading about them. I just always thought the people who lead our world would always do the right thing and not fill they’re silk lined pockets. In hindsight, we are introduced to Emily Green who is just beginning to take the rabbit hole of craziness we all now know as politics. Art and Color by Bernardinus Gita and Sean Callahan stay on par with the art to the subject at hand. If politics were to be drawn, I’m guessing it would be this style that would be used. I’ve never gave much thought to how certain genres should be drawn but perhaps politics should always be drawn like this. Even the shady bits.

With some shady business happening inside the pages as well Emily well on her way to being the next prime minister, the story is short on action but has plenty of suspense to keep you asking questions. I did say it was fast pace. As Emily goes from the speaking floor to home to getting a strange phone call from a phone that was mailed to her, to being picked up by secret service. It’s definitely off to the races with this comic. I like how it came from a kickstarter project also. Anyone who does a Kickstarter and has a good story to tell with art to go with it has my utmost respect. I would like to see this project grow and read the next issue and I’m not into this genre. With the growing news coverage of politic scandal it is hard not to divulge into. I mean we get breaking news here everyday in the states. It’s exhausting but like any scandalist story you just have to see it to the end.

Queen number one has the basic element for an inside scandal that makes us ask things of our leaders that may or may not be true. Are they the ones in charge? Do they have our best interest in mind? Even the best professional politicians who really do have our best interest in mind might even be strung along by some super secret organization. See what this comic has done to me! I’m ranting! Well you got me hooked Mr. Me (I hope that’s your real last name, it’s awesome) Queen number one gets five out of five stars.

Creator/Writer: Jaime Me
Art: Bernardinus Gita
Published: Self Published/Crowd Funded (Kickstarter)

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