REVIEW: Stuff: A Collection of Shorts

I’m a fan of different styles. A small book by the name of “Stuff” A collection of shorts by J.M. Bryan came across my desk. I just happen to be listening to soft piano music and it went hand in hand with this small but creative comic. This comic was more art than comic to me. When I say art I mean poetry. I felt like I peaked into a bit of J.M. Bryan’s soul. “Stuff” is a collection of five short tales all with no relation to each other. Some are serious and some are funny. It’s a nice balance. I like writers who make comics outside the superhero realm. Don’t get me wrong I love some action packed superhero comics. But once in a while I like a comic that’s an art gallery of stories. A comic that breaks all the rules and doesn’t follow a panel guide or dialogue rules or story book arcs. When the writer pours his thoughts and feelings onto the page, splashed with some art you get something more real.

It’s not all deep feelings though. There is some light-hearted comedy that blends in well. After you read one tale you may get a funny one or a rather interesting perspective. Bryan is deep in thought with a few of these shorts. Like we got a glimpse of his journal or sketch pad. The five tales are all drawn different. For example a short called Dreamscape part one: Nightmare. It’s a narrative with some wonderful watercolor art. A stunning look for a comic. I wouldn’t mind seeing more water colors splashing comic pages in the future to come. I liked it a lot.

With each short story opened by Bryan and thanking the artist, letter artist, or folks who took a chance on him, you can tell these are the real thoughts and feelings of this man. How many comics are out there like that? Not many. That’s why you should read this book. Because it’s different, personal, unique and funny. Don’t worry if it sounds too deep for you, there is some zombie action in it. You’re hooked now aren’t you? Space farts, deep thoughts, interesting art, nice pencils, and a pulse all of its own. Stuff is just the right amount of stuff we can all take a look at and enjoy. I recommend reading it to a soft piano track and a hot cup of coffee. Stuff gets four out of five stars. Cheers!


Am I Broken? – Written & Illustrated by J.M. Bryan.

Gas – Written by J.M. Bryan, Illustrated & Lettered by Ben Humeniuk.

Galaxia Apparatus – Written & Illustrated by J.M. Bryan, Lettered by Micah Myers. (Featured in the Starship Anthology).

Dreamscape I: Nightmare – Written & Illustrated by J.M. Bryan, Lettered by Ken Reynolds (Featured in Sliced Quarterly #6).

Love is Undead – Written, Illustrated, & Lettered by J.M. Bryan.

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