REVIEW: Little Guardians #2

With a perfect blend of action and comedy, Little Guardians issue 2 will have you burning through the pages as if your spirit animal was a cheetah. Don’t throw a zucchini at this one folks and don’t let that title fool you. There was nothing little about this comic. Written by Ed Cho, art by Lee Cherolis and colors by Dann Tincher. We get a fast paced issue two and all the guardian spirit animal fights you can handle. Executed wonderfully from panel to panel.

Creating some foot holding from the last issue young Idem is set to be trained as the official guardian. Completely unaware that he has been wrongly chosen for the job. The town of Yowza is having a zucchini festival that looks so fun that I wouldn’t mind attending. Idem creates some chaos by summoning too many spirit hornets that go berserk on the town and zucchini festival. (Not the zucchini festival!) Obviously the wrong person for the job. As the hornets attack the village we do see a preview of power from the right person for the guardian job. Subira is cornered and in trouble as her spirit animal protects her as she is totally oblivious on how it came to be. Although she just works at the item shop, her destiny is greater than she knows.

With the following pages full of nothing but action, calamity and spirit animals galore. There’s very little dialogue but the story is simple here readers. It’s a nice casual read with plenty to look at, giving reason to cling to the pages tightly. If you read a lot of comics like myself you’ll be thankful for a comic such as this. You don’t have to invest your mind to a transcending story that will take you over, but you will like the simplicity of these pages. Also all of a sudden appearances of other guardians and their spirit animals is great fun. Plus a few surprises on the way and a zucchini being thrown as a weapon (I’m a sucker for vegetable warfare).

If you’re looking for a chill but fun read than Little Guardians issue two is what you need to put in your hands. It’s a fun mixture of colors, action, and light comedy. Although I am looking forward to see what Subira is capable of and how Cho will interact Subira and Idem. Will they be friends? Will they be rivals? Questions already shroud me as I want to know more about Subira and how she will get her destiny back on track. Although she was in this issue very little, hopefully we will see much more of her in the next issue which I’m sure we will. Should be a fun discovering ride. A good follow-up to the first issue and a fast unfolding into a fun simple world full of very colorful characters and art. Little Guardians issue 2 gets four out of five stars.

(W) Ed Cho (A) Lee Cherolis (CA) Dann Tincher

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