REVIEW: BubbleGun v2 #1

With a title like BubbleGun I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but there a few pages in, sure enough, there was a woman operating a bubblegun. That’s how you hook me. Silly title, silly but effective gun. In BubbleGun #1 (that rhymes if you say it out loud.) We are swashbuckling futuristic style through the sci-fi pages of this beautiful book. (seriously thought I was reading a tablet full of holograms at times.) Writer Mark Roslan picked me up with the action and never set me down. Angel Tovar was on fire with all the scenery and backgrounds down to the smallest of details. Just look at the gear the characters wore or the action packed scenes if you need an example. There’s so much to look at, and the colors! Peter Stiegerwald and Federico Blee colors make this comic look like candy, well eye candy but if I was starving I would eat this comic it looks so good.

I really enjoyed this storyline about futuristic smugglers who are drenched in cybernetic gizmos and gadgets. The issue kicks off and takes off like a rocket with so much potential for more. Like all smugglers from the future, the good ones are always in debt. (Hey like me!) As Molli, Kyo, Devyn, Arturo and Asher break into a facility with top-secret DNA/cybernetic blueprints. Everyone’s guns blasting and Molli is literally shooting robots with her bubblegum gun. Hilarious. During Asher’s download we find out that they’re doing this for their employer Sir Penny. Who their indebted to for crashing one of his expensive ships. Hence the mission and theft. Also Asher the half boy half machine is more than meets the eye as he easily hacks a unhackable system to get some questionable recipe for Sir Penny who has plans of his own.

After the escape we the readers realize we’re only halfway through the comic. The second half is more action and more clever dialogue and more colorful pages that I have to tell myself that they’re not food. I also like how the relationships are casual and smart. This was my first BubbleGun comic and already I felt comfortable with the characters and familiar with them just from reading this first issue. So it’s a great jumping on point for new readers.
With a our crew good at heart, they are, none the less working for the bad guy who is Sir Penny. With an evil plan and an evil cackling laugh (okay there wasn’t a laugh but there was a pretty evil smile), Sir Penny sends the crew on another mission while at the same time realizing the hacking potential of Asher. It’s a great way to set up the next issue too. Should be a fun and crazy story arc.

With epic attention to detail in characters and scenery design, this book is more than enough for your visual palate. Bubblegun is yet another title I’ll be jumping on the space bus to follow. If you enjoy a wild space crew full of colorful gun wielding babes, excellent attention to detail and out of this world covers then this comic is for you. Hopefully like the segwaying ending of this comic, I’ll be segwaying into BubbleGun #2! BubbleGun #1 gets five out of five stars!

BUBBLEGUN #1 (vol 2)
Mark Roslan – Story / Angel Tover – Art / Peter Steigerwald, Federico Blee – Colors

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