REVIEW: Robyn Hood #12

I love New York and so does Robyn Hood!! In our story arc conclusion of Robyn Hood: I love New York, Robyn who has been solving crimes, saving people and hanging out with her cat, is haunted by a bit of her past. Written by Joe Brusha and words by Lou Iovino. They give us a story with plenty of action and mystery for future story arcs. Let’s keep Robyn Hood going!

With art as enticing and voluptuous supplied by Sergio Arino Riveiro and Daniel Maine and colors by Grostieta, Robby Bevard and Jorge Cortes, we get plenty of eye candy to satisfy our eyesight for page after page. Some pages are paintings themselves. Like the opening title page, its beautiful.

As we pull ourselves out of the comic stores and into this story, much like Robyn pulling herself out of the Hudson river at the beginning of this book, we’re met with questions. My first one was are you sure all the lizard warriors are dead? I liked them. They were brutal and vicious, but with comics you never know. Second is why is someone trying to steal the darkest side of Robyn? Her destiny side of being the child of the darkness? Who would want to steal that and why? We get a glimpse of the woman who wants to. She’s an archer just like Robyn and aim almost just as good. Seen in issue eleven, Alina Rose makes her final move against Robyn. A grudge since childhood and a new fueled darkness is a great approach to this character from the writing team. The fight spills over into this issue as Robyn takes it in stride and has just as many questions as we do! At least she doesn’t have to fight any more giant lizard warriors. Man I miss them already.

This issue was a great way to move the character and the story along Grimm Fairy Tales fashion. Leaving plenty of room for friendships and enemies. The ending on this one especially caught my eye and left me with a bigger question which I guess hopefully will get answered in the next story arc. I really enjoy ZeneScope’s eye for artists as they always supply their books with fresh detailed art and colors that explode off the page. (see train fight scene in this book). Robyn has come a long way in a few short years and like an arrow zipping between her bow, there’s no stopping her. Robyn Hood #12 gets four out of five stars.

Writers: Joe Brusha, Lou Iovino
Artists: Sergio Ariño, Riveiro & Daniel Mainé
Colors: Grostieta, Robby Bevard & Jorge Cortes
Letters: Taylor Esposito

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