REVIEW: Raptors Vol. 1

Your kingdom is doomed!! But not your taste in comics if you read Raptors #1. What a ride readers! Brought to you by Europe comics, a clever and creative script by Jean Dufaux and amazing art by Enrico Marini. As you can tell I really like this comic a lot readers. It’s a wild ride that has quick memorable characters and a fast pace story as well as a hidden mystery between characters. It left me guessing and hungry for more after I read the last page. Like a raptor this first issue wasn’t enough to quell my hunger.

We follow lieutenant Vicky Lenore and Benito Spiaggi as they cover a series of odd murders with the victims being drained of their blood and a cyst being ruptured behind their ears. Written above the victim are the words “Your kingdom is doomed!” The police are at a loss of this one. It’s obviously a crazy case but with more depth than they realize. We are then transported across town to an ancient building where Drago is entering like the smooth shadow of death itself. Drago is a raptor and a very deadly one at that. What is a raptor you ask? Well we don’t get any intel on them just yet. All we know is that they are very deadly, sauve and gothic dressers but the good kind. Drago approaches an old man who saw his fate coming, blanketing Drago in morbid complements. Drago kills the old man and ruptures the cyst behind his ear. Is he gaining power by doing this? The comic gives hints. As Drago kills so is Camilla, his sister who is a very shapely woman full of seduction. She is draped in a robe and has some man who is ready to die for her and he does so. She also punctures the cyst behind his ear. We have only got a taste of what these two are capable of.

Meanwhile Vicky is working the case as more clues and murders start to stack up. The killings are the same as they get a tip that perhaps people in their own department are involved. Vicky and Benito discover a secret meeting that they have to run from and now realize that this goes deeper than they thought. They even evade a guy with a flamethrower! WIth Vicky now suspicious of the very department she works for and on top of all that her boyfriend is even corrupted. The action is really intense in this comic folks. Along with smooth art that is soothing and explosive at the same time, which you really see a lot in the coming pages. We are introduced to action scenes, love-making scenes, butchery scenes and cannibal scenes that are really rare and wonderful to view along with this very interesting story.

Now in the coming pages the art really comes alive as does the action. The way Marini draws the human figure is rare and impressive. The coloring is a pure feast for your eyes. Action that would make a 80’s movie star cry and a deep mystery that keeps us “the readers” pining for more. Now if you’re wondering why this comic sounds familiar, it’s because it came out in the 90’s! This book has aged very well and I can’t wait to read the second issue! Raptors gets a 5 stars out of 5 stars!

Script by Jean Dufaux – Art by Enrico Marini
PublisherDargaud / Europe Comics



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