In an effort to create a super soldier the government robotically enhanced willing soldiers with abilities that would aid in efforts to thwart terrorism.  These soldiers would be hidden in plain sight with the sole purpose of seeking and destroying enemies of the state.    Upon receiving negative outcry from the President’s constituency, a directive is imposed which orders the termination of all active Super Soldiers, dubbed “Insurgents”.  The program then outsources teams of hunters to ease the cleansing of the defective insurgents, and the hunter that extinguishes the last insurgent is our protagonist, John Ravane.

We are favored to the fine story stylings of, FJ DeSanto (Spirit, Insurgent) and Todd Farmer (Insurgent, Alien Pig farm).  Federico Dallocchio (Suicide Squad, Batman: Arkham Unhinged) expertly crafts the world that will house the unrest of the surviving Insurgents soldiers.  However, I struggle with the consistency of the character renderings, recognizing a character’s face was often difficult due to Dallicchio’s depiction of a character as the frame pulls back.  the characteristics are lost on those sketches which requires you to really concentrate on the writing to follow some of the interactions.  With that said, we are introduced to a seemingly menacing protagonist “Hannibal Lecter style, and he was a contented surprise as that introduction was fantastic which ignited the fire, that will be this universe.  Lastly, the fight sequences, BRAVO, I was reading a book and truly witnessed actual fighting sequences, choreography, and swelling faces; it is masterfully done.

This issue is mostly setup, DeSanto and Farmer introduce our protagonists motivation to enter the world of hunting Insurgents.  The evil Insurgent underground (my words) will begin to organize, and a malfunction will bring this all to the forefront.  Are the Insurgents bad?  Can John Ravane handle this new and unveiled contingent? Will John’s secret be exposed to the one he loves?  These are just a few questions you may realize after this inaugural issue of FAILSAFE.

Another great title by Vault comics, I give this issue 31/2 stars out of 5 stars.  I will not be adding this to my pull list, but if it is available at my local comic shop I will pick it up.

(W) F. j. Desanto, Todd Farmer (A) Federico Dallocchio (CA) Jon Adams

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