REVIEW: Galaxys For Hire #2

The Earth has been destroyed and the battle rages on for the Milky Way Sector as the abomination, Nibiru, consumes everything in its path.  The Intergalactic Union of Planets needs to gain control of their top-secret weapon, The Maiden, to have any chance of intercepting Nibiru and thwart its destructive path.  Meanwhile, the Galaxy Sisters struggle to put together the pieces of their strained relationship as they seek help from their old friend Croyle.  With an Intergalactic Union ship hunting our female heroes, will the Galaxys be able to assemble the army they need, while keeping their sibling rivalry in check? Can they make it to Croyle in time or has time finally betrayed them?

The story by Shawn DePasquale (The Network), a Letterer by trade, has maintained its steam into issue #2.  Not missing a step, the action continues and thrusts the story forward with reckless abandon. DePasquale has designed a great world of new and interesting creatures that will capture the imagination of any sci-fi fan.  While crafting this new world he masterfully interprets a more focused story telling of two orphaned sisters dealing with life’s misdealings as in fighting derails and corrects their ever-changing path.  All of this world building would be for nothing without Sherard Jackson, co-creator (Semantic Lace, Empty Zone) breathing life into these complex characters.  The way that Jackson renders the armor, and weapons capturing hand gestures the characters make to activate certain pieces of tech was a story in and of itself.  Although, some of the story elements seemed rushed and convenient which contributed to the full steam ahead-like bulldozing, to progress the story.  Those elements are very clear and occasionally took me out of the story a handful of times.  Several times inconsistencies in some of character’s appearances had me double taking the page, as it appeared the characters were changing.  Lastly, DePasquale chose to shoehorn an origin story for the Galaxy Sisters which was wholly unnecessary.  As a reader I didn’t even know I needed an origin story as the story had progressed nicely without it.

I truly have enjoyed this miniseries thus far, and with only 2 issues left the publisher, Devils Due 1first, has a fine sci-fi choice for their fans.  I give this issue 3  1/2 stars out of 5 stars.  With a very unique, Sagalike look to the characters, great vibrant colors, and a very strong female cast, this book is worth reading, jump on while you can.

Written by Shawn DePasquale
Art by Sherard Jackson
Publisher: Devil’s Due Entertainment  / 1FirstComics

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