REVIEW: Mindbender #1

With hundreds of mutants, inhumans, metahumans, genetically modified characters, and the like in our comic multiverse’s, Scout Comics and this fantastic creative team may have found an obvious yet clever new origin for this current title.  This creator-owned story produced by Writer, James Pruett (Black Mist: Blood of Kali, The Apparition) and Illustrator, Frederico De Luca (Creepy Comics, Heavy Metal, Dorian Grey) may redefine the foundation of superheros and super villains we know today.  As both creators have been involved with several horror titles I can only imagine where this might go.

We are introduced to the Oberman family taking part in a well overdo family excursion to a carnival.  Little do they all know that their son Alex is about to tap into a power that even he did not know existed, this power will have the potential to change their lives forever.  After the “harrowing incident” of that day, Alex was struck catatonic, suffering from acute post-traumatic syndrome, and relegated to the Branch Institution for observation.  There Alex remained for 16 years until the fateful day he was assigned Dr. Amos.  An ambitious Doctor that means to prove her worth to her mentor, and has a feeling that she may have the ability to break Alex’s spell.  However, Dr. Amos may be in over her head as she may have taken on more than she could handle or understand, as Alex, although silent, has secrets and powers that no one is prepared to handle, “sometimes insanity is the only escape”.

Outstanding!  The story by Pruett is fantastic and original, I devoured this title from beginning to end in 20 minutes.  I then reread it slowly and methodically the second time through, taking 45 minutes to re-acquaint myself with Pruett’s world.  The third, fourth, and fifth times were just for fun.  I am in love with this story, I absolutely cared for the characters and the flow of the story was masterfully drafted.  The illustrations, “oh the illustrations”, by De Luca were breathtaking. The art was so sinister and soft, I heard the explosions, smelled the plasma, and felt the world shake as I progressed through this title.  Truly where have these artists been?  “Bravo” Scout Comics, for facilitating a wonderful environment for inspired creators and providing this medium, whereby I can humbly consume and experience titles like this.

I easily give this inaugural issue a 5 out of 5 stars.  This is a pull-list must add, for any enhanced human, horror-esque, mystical, thriller comic enthusiast.

(W) James Pruett (A/CA) Federico De Luca

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