A lot of comic books these days have been exploring the vastness of space, going to distant worlds that only weirdos could possibly think of. Having a comic book take place on mars, a distant planet so close to earth it is refreshing to just see a red ball of dust. With soldiers colonizing from what it looks like and trying to fight against the Martian threat that plagued the planet. This is full of interesting characters and scenery that make me smile because of how good it is.

We start off with soldiers talking as they are doing their daily work, cleaning and making sure there are no Martians around. The story in this first issues follow Coyne, they call him the superintendent so he seems to have lots of importance to the mission. Coyne seem very stressed being on mars because of the implied problem with drinking and not being professional. Later in the issue Coyne and his crew get into trouble and find a unique piece from a crushed Martian that he immediately recognizes. As he tries to go investigate his finding dangers ensues and leaves the issue on a cliff hanger. I really enjoyed this read, Oni Press coming off with another great original series that seems like it will keep my attention. Neal Holman has done a great job at crafting a unique story that is set not that far from earth. Reading this makes Mars seem scary, mysterious, and plaguing with questions.
Clayton McCormick and Kelly Fitzpatrick has done an amazing job capturing a planet that we still know very little about. Capturing the unique looks of the local species that inhabit the planet. My favorite part of the issue was near the end when one of the characters got trapped under a rock and the art around this point is amazing. Capturing a sandstorm that looks frightening and would be frightening to be in. Art is phenomenal for this and captures a frightening side of mars we will never see.
At the end of the day, I could not recommend this title enough. An amazing first issue to what has so much promise to be a Oni Press best seller. If you’re looking for a Sci-Fi story that will keep you hooked. This is probably for you. Redline is Scary, Inspiring, and gives an interesting look on a planet we know little about.
Writing – 5 Stars
Art – 5 Stars
(W) Neal Holman (A/CA) Clayton McCormack, Kelly Fitzpatrick

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