In a world where everyone has an interesting power to show off, sounds interesting. Powerless is a unique comic book that takes a spin on how people with powers are viewed in a modern setting. Where most people have them it is the normal type of person, people without these powers are probably viewed as freaks and  not as accepted into this society. I loved reading this comic and let me tell you why.

So the main conflict of the comic is that everyone has these special powers. But there is a virus that is spreading that is taking their powers away. So people are in quarantine and families are scared. The creative team on this have done amazing job at an original idea and spin on something so classic. Makes me super intrigued and wanting more. Now a lot happens in this issue and sometimes I got lost and had to go back and reread some sections. But it is the first issue and is trying to fit a bunch of characters in different locations and getting you hooked. So besides a little bit of pacing issues that I had everything was great. Loved the characters and all of them seemed to be fully thought out and full of life.
The art in this is really good. Showing off a few people’s powers and making sure you understand what the powers do and when they are using them by the visual style. If you are a big art person this is really good. I would love to see some big prints for some of the art in this. Everything feels so real, even though it’s an unrealistic world. Having a good mix of writers and artists who know how this world works is such a great thing to see. The artist really shows you how amazing this world is and the hard times people are going through.
Powerless is fantastic. Something I couldn’t recommend more to people who enjoys X-men, or even InHumans. Takes a unique look at a group of people with powers who powers are being threatened. Powerless is everything except powerless, this story has power that will leave you in awe. Go read this, you will not regret it.
Writing – 4.5 Stars
Art – 4.5 Stars
(W) David M. Booher (A/CA) Nathan Gooden, Mike Spicer

In Shops: Jun 28, 2017

SRP: $3.99

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