REVIEW: Robots Versus Princesses Part One – Preview Edition

Cross-overs abound, we are favored to a unique look into the world of Disney-like princesses potentially heading off against what seems to be a Blue Sky Studios themed robot and a concentration of evil giant robots.  Inspired from the trenches of a first grade class room, Todd Matthy promises to evenly match these factions for an “exciting story that features everything you love about Disney movies and giant robot cartoons”.  Robots Versus Princesses #1 Beyond the Woods is a creator owned, crowd funded initiative that satisfies that need you never knew you had.  Matthy has assembled a fantastic group of artists to assist him in realizing this idea that as plagued his mind since inception.  Matthy proudly complements his team Artist Nicolas Chapuis and Letterer Sean Rinehart having materialized the “slickest  animated feature you’ll ever see” with dialogue that “Pops”.

Having offered a taste of the looming skirmish between these two unlikely co-existing factions, Matthy has offered a plausible, and intriguing world that may offer one heck of a fun ride.  Here we are introduced to Princess Zara as she readies herself for her life defining recital.  Princess Zara pines for a life of adventure as her existence of sipping tea and training cute animals that assist her in menial tasks has become unfulfilling.  While Princess Zara struggles with her privilege, we meet Wheeler, a slave robot searching for meaning and freedom while enduring his own pressures from his captures.  Recognizing an opportunity Wheeler flees, will he make it or is he discovered, only issue #1 will sort out how or if our oppressed heroes meet.

Robots Versus Princesses Part One – Preview Edition you can visit for more information.

Writer Todd Matthy
Artist Nicolas Chapuis


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