The Dregs is a comic being published by Black Mask Studios. With the first issue giving us an interesting premise and characters, I had high hopes for this one giving more answers and possibly more to sink my teeth into when it came to the depth of the story. Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler are the writers for this title and so far I have to say I’m pretty impressed. It seems like they have a well thought out story. Hopefully it doesn’t take so long for everything to pay off. If it does, it better be worth it.

So we pick up with Arnold escaping from his captors, he goes out and tries and finds more answers to his missing friends. He finds a lead to the answer in a form of a drawing. I won’t go farther than that. But i really enjoy this issue. Progresses the story but in an interesting way that makes me wanna get the next issue. Arnold as the main characters is great. Because he’s a homeless man, seeing a side that he has friends. He cares about them and he genuinely wants to help and find out what happened to them. He is the strong part of the comic and i love it.

Eric Zawadzki has an interesting art style and i really enjoy it. Super grim and dark but it works for the story and type of comic they are trying to tell. There is a part of the book where the panels all spiral into the center and it looks super cool. But it was a little distracting to what was going on. Stopped the flow, i had to stop and spin while i read the book and it just pulled me out. But i really enjoyed everything besides that. Only complaint.

I really enjoyed this, it has a great story, great art, and a great promise of an amazing series. From what i saw at the end of the comic, i am really excited to see where the story takes us as Arnold solves the mystery to his missing friends. Excited for more and can’t wait to follow along. The Dregs gets a 4.5 Stars.

Art – 4 Stars
Writing – 5 Stars

  • Written by Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson
  • Art by Dee Cunniffe, Eric Zawadzki
  • Pencils Eric Zawadzki
  • Inks Eric Zawadzki
  • Colored by Dee Cunniffe


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