REVIEW: Cosmic Scoundrels #1

The idea of two hair band reject space pirates, reeks of absurdity that couldn’t possibly yield a sustaining story.  However, IDW challenges that sentiment with a tale dubbed “The exploits of two intergalactic bachelors on the run from everyone”, and with animator Andy Suriano (Samurai Jack, Mickey Mouse shorts) and writer Matt Chapman (Homestar Runner, voice of Strong Bad) at the helm they might just present a belly busting science fiction comedy.

Issue #1 “Precious cargo”, introduces us to the vessel Midnight Fernando and our disguised duo hatching a plan to unburden the frigate of a mysterious cargo container.  A battle ensues as we find our heroes in a seemingly harrowing environment as the fight rages for possession of the coveted cargo container.  With the assistance of their ship’s AI  Mrs. Billingsley (Miss Bills), our galactic scalawags, Love Savage and Roshambo, find themselves in possession of something that could permanently strip them of their mischievous bachelor ways for good.

This début issue of Cosmic Scoundrels found me a bit underwhelmed, as the art was jumbled and slightly inconsistent.  Weapons, characters, and tools seemed to lack congruity which is partly due to the design by animator Andy Suriano, which unfortunately did not translate well to print.  The color palette was spot on as it offered a bit of a Heavy Metal: The Movie (1981) vibe.  The story by Matt Chapman was amusing, fueled by the banter between the two main characters, which was truly the hidden gem of this title. The quips by Love Savage as the story progresses had me laughing out loud and had me re-reading the issue for fear that I missed a joke earlier on.  Another issue that was lost me was the narration at the bottom of every page in blue, it was unclear if the thought bubbles were that of, Miss Bills, Love Savage, or a character yet to be introduced.  I believe it was the creators attempt to keep the potentially sacrificed humor points that were used for the web version of this title prior to the print release.  Unfortunately, that comedic tool was severely lost in the print version of this début issue and was very distracting ultimately interrupting the flow of the story.  With all of that said I could see this world commanding a cult following, as long as they make no excuses for a potentially fantastical story and over the top situations, this title  has the potential to be ridiculously wonderful.  I would definitely give this title a go, especially if you are looking for a decent science fiction comedy, with a fantastic creative team. I give this issue #1  3 stars out of 5 stars.

(W) Andy Suriano, Matt Chapman (A/CA) Andy Suriano
Publisher: IDW Publishing

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