There are times that comics just don’t click for me. Usually it has to do with a mixture of story not having any worth to it. Or strange art decisions that I just don’t understand. Midas Monkee is the publisher on this title. From what I can tell this is a prelude to Yohance The Movie. Created and from what I can tell art, writing is all being done by Paul Louise-Julie.

The story picks up with Yohance waking up in his living quarters and talks about how it’s the “big day”. So seems like important things are happening, the story is probably my favorite part of this. Though there are still things that aren’t explained that well. Yohance seems like a full thought out character and the world seems vast and would love to see more of what this has to offer. Yohance and his monkey friend go out on a mission and of course things go wrong and a battle happens. As I said, it is all set up. Which isn’t a bad thing but things just happen without giving you any explanation. Even a paragraph at the beginning would have helped a lot to give me more information about this world.

The art is extremely interesting, but I am no fan of it. It’s strange and It’s hard to describe. The faces of the characters are so detailed it kind of looks like a 3D model, or maybe even a photo shopped head onto these characters. but everything else including the bodies have very cartoon style that doesn’t match the realism of the faces. It’s good, but doesn’t work together. I personally would have done one or the other, not both. It was a strange choice but it stands out too much and makes it hard to look at. As I said it is set up for a movie. So maybe it has the style because of the movie. But I am not sure.

The story is pretty ok, but falls flat because of the lack of motivation and background given to the characters. The worlds they explore and Yohance seems pretty thought out and well put together, but still don’t know much about why he’s stealing this crystal. The art just makes me not want to read this. It’s just so strange seeing a realistic head on a not as realistic body. Kind of looks like a puppet. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it doesn’t work for me. 2 Stars

Writing -2 Stars
Art – 2 Stars

By Paul Louise-Julie
Publisher: Midas Monkee


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