Planet of Daemons is a comic book that will leave you spooked and in awe with its visuals and portrayals of demons and other worldly creatures. With the adventure continuing from the last issue, a prisoner is taken, battles are fought and identities reveal themselves in this great third issue to an amazing Amigo Comics series. Kevin Gunstone is the writer while Paul Moore and Stefan Mrkonjic handling the art. These are a pair of people who are passionate of what they are creating and it show.

Kevin Gunstone has a vast and interesting world full of strange creatures and monsters. Amos Dethridges journey continues with interesting things happening in this issue. I won’t go into a lot of spoilers but it is good. A great blend of action and informative dialogue that doesn’t leave the reader puzzled with not understanding the situation. In certain comics they expect the reader to know things that haven’t been explained but if you have kept up with he past issues of POD everything is clear and great. I would love to see the thought process to how Gunstone crafts this story nd the future of this world as the comic progresses.

Moore and Mrkonjic are a terrific duo who understand how to make spooky pictures. With a great design of creatures and setting in POD, the art stands out as one of the strong suits. I love how bleak and moody the setting is really suits the story that is being told in a spectacular way. I would love to see more action drawn. But based on the end of the issue the next looks interesting and might have an interesting action scene. I love looking at the art for this. The end has an interesting creature that I’m sure would make a great print. Art is amazing and one of the best parts of this comic.

So this comic definitely impressed. Loved every second of reading it. It is a fantastical world with creatures galore. I’m sure there is something for everyone in this comic. I certainly enjoyed my time and am looking forward to reading onward in the story as more comes out. Ending with a cliffhanger might not sit well with some people, but it worked for me this time around because the issue ended in such a way where if it didn’t lead up to what will happen next I would have been mad. With everything said this gets 4 Stars

Writing – 4 Stars
Art – 4 Stars

(W) Kevin Gunstone (A) Stefan Mrkonjic (CA) Simon Gough (A/CA) Paul Moore

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