REVIEW: AmeriKarate #1

Action Labs Danger Zone label, which produces titles for mature readers, has a new and creative title that will have you spouting cheesy action movie one-liners in no time.  Touted as “a love-letter to the amazing action flicks of the 80’s”, Action Labs has assembled a strong creative team to craft this homage to their new action comedy.  This project was created by writers Corey Kalman and Brockton McKinney (Ehmm Theory, Gingerdead Man). Joining the creator’s will be Bob’s Burgers Designer, and Illustrator, Devin Roth who will expertly jump from animation to print, as this will be his first foray into the comic book medium.

Sam Kickwell and his knapsack bound brother Rick Kickwell, have chosen the small town of Baconville to take refuge from their journey.  Upon entering a local bar Sam and Rick saunter to the bar to partake in some local flair and libations.  The bartender learns that Rick has been a victim of a Karate type incident, and notifies the authorities.  Upon the arrival of the Mayor and his cronies the brothers Kickwell are warned that karate folk and their practices are not welcome in their town.  Upon braving their systematic discrimination by the local authorities, the headstrong duo decides to stay in town.  Will Sam and Rick’s choice to stay in Baconville be a sound one or will we see an 80’s slam fest of death, tight pants, sex, and karate?    

I must say the first thing I thought of as I turned the first page, was holy 1980’s Chuck Norris, Patrick Swayze, Arnold Schwarzenegger amalgamation of glory.  Devin Roth really captured the idea of a 1980’s action hero when rendering Sam Kickwell.  Roth did not borrow from his Bob’s Burgers palette at all, as he masterfully executed this new world beautifully.  The action and dance sequences were awesome and truly had me laughing out loud, it was like a nostalgic kick to the face and I loved every frame of it.  The story however was a bit fragmented, I did get lost during the final fight, as the introduction of the antagonist was unexpected, and unexplained.  The story was quite fun, definitely an homage to action genre films of the 80’s and I think we can expect one heck of a ride from the enthusiastic creators of this title.  I give this inaugural issue 4 stars out of 5 stars.  The story was a bit disjointed but, they have so many places to go here.  I can’t wait to see where Kalman and McKinney take us next, and with Roth materializing their vision I expect many laughs to come.    

(W) Brockton McKinney, Corey Kalman (A) Devin Roth (CA) Steve Ellis

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