Boom Studios has been coming out with some really great stuff lately of already established characters and fan bases. With the Power Rangers getting their own comic book and having great success. Now they are fully into their KONG comic book and it has just been fantastic. With a great look at life on skull island before modern explorers took foot on the land.

In this issue the battle of the Kong’s go full underway. With an amazing battle between two giant gorillas that will leave you smiling. James Asmus has crafted an amazing story these past issues and it shows in this one. A battle like no other, blood and gore with deaths of the locals to the island. The end of the issue leads into what looks like an interesting next part to this thick story. If you are a fan, or interested in the old classics Kong movies, or even looking forward to the new Kong: Skull Island movie that is releasing this march. I would go out and read this. It will blow you away.

The art of this series is just great, and extremely shines for this issue. With amazing settings and great action. Jeremy Lawson and Ed Dukeshire are amazing artists and are doing great work on Kong. Art is clear and amazing, color is crisp and clear. There are some panels near the end of the issue that are probably my favorite from this particular issue. There aren’t much complaints about the art for this. Extremely nice and want to see more!

So everything about this issue is great. Definitely would recommend this to anyone interested in monster movies and King Kong in general! As I said, Boom Studios have been putting out great things lately. They are a force to be reckoned with. I’m excited to see what Kong will do in the future issues. I have to give this a 5 Stars.

(W) James Asmus (A) Carlos Magno (CA) Nick Robles
Publisher: Boom! Studios

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