Alterna Comics is certainly on the minds and on the rise as of late with the announcement of them going back to the classic Newsprint. With that announcing a bunch of their titles being shifted over to newsprint in May. Alterna have certainly kicked it up a notch as of late bringing interesting and fun titles to the table such as Croak, Trespasser, and The Chair. Giving lots of opportunities to indie creators that fund through kickstarter or other media a chance to work with a publisher.

Way back in November of 2015 The Fear Diaries Kickstarter launched with great success getting 105% of its funding. Called “The Battle for Bedtime” while the kickstarter was going on. The issue opens up with a note from the author, Garrett Gunn. An indie comic creator with another title under his belt being Go West. Gunn has imagined a fantastic world where toys come to life during the night and fight off evil toys and protect their kids from the dangers of these other toys.

The first issue into this grandiose adventure begins with a womanly figure coming from the shadows and messing with some kids as they sleep, maybe giving them nightmares. We immediately meet our protagonist, A bad ass teddy bear wearing a red handkerchief around his neck whilst wielding dual daggers. We also get introduced Teddys 4 friends and battle mates. A hammer wielding turtle, unicorn, a big burly badger, and a sword using raccoon. These characters don’t get referred to by name besides Shelly the turtle. So i hope to see more info on them in the next chapter. Gunn has done a great job making a mystical world that’s easy to grasp your mind around. The issue continues on with a battle between our heroes and the evil toys. Near the end of the issue, conflict rises and everyone realizes that their fight isn’t over. More follows, and the next part to this story is sure to be an amazing addition.

Nicolas Touris is taking care of the art for this title and I love it. There is something great about the art that makes it looks similar to how a Saturday cartoon would look. Touris has just knocked it out of the park, it’s an appealing style that works for this title. I’m excited for the future of this comic and more art from this artist.

This title really impressed me with its simple, easy to follow intense story telling. Nothing super complex, but it works in the books favor. Art is great with very beautiful colors making it really shine as one of the best parts. I am surely excited to see where the story leads into the future. But this first part was just an amazing read, and I could not recommend it more. 5 Stars

Art- 5 Stars
Writing- 5 Stars

(W) Garrett Gunn
(A) Nicolas Touris
(L) HdE

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