So Street Tiger is an interesting title, it even says it right on the title “A WEIRD REVENGE THRILLER”. Which it definitely is. Street Tiger is published by Amigo comics, the whole comic is really interesting, paying homage to old grindhouse films. Using its own unique art style it stands out as something I will look out for in the future of this title. Taking place in a place called Nam City where gangs are at war, police staff aren’t taking care of the issue.

So the issue starts off with a lone man deciding to walk into a diner and take care of the gang heads that run the place. Pretty much the whole issue is this conflict. Man walks into a restaurant and it all just happens from there. Kinda sounds like a bad joke. But this is so far from a bad joke, the story seems to have lots of promise. Being the first issue there isn’t much here. But I am excited to see how to story as a whole plays out from start to finish. Ertito Montana really has something here that’s great, hopefully near the end it doesn’t fall flat. It lacks a backstory of the main protagonist, but I’m assuming they are saving that for a later issue. Hopefully they don’t wait till the end of the series to give some answers.

The art for this is also done by Ertito Montana, he is the creative mastermind behind the whole title. It’s hard to compare the art to anything because I’ve never seen it in a comic book before. It reminds me of some Mexican, or Spanish paintings I’ve seen in the past. It’s unique but really appealing, the next issue I’m hoping to see his style really come full circle. As it is the first issue, so there is still a lot of show and I hope it impresses.

The issue is very short and not much happens, but it is all action and fun. There isn’t any bad in the issue. Just lots of good and not much of it, so I’m hoping that in the next issue there is more story, a backstory for our protagonist, and more action. The title as a whole really impressed me, with its take on action, gangs, and old grindhouse films. People should definitely go and read this title. 4 Stars

Art – 4 Stars
Writing – 4 Stars

(W) Ertito Montana (A/CA) Ertito Montana
Publisher: Amigo Comics

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