Aftershock comics have been publishing some real good content lately with Animosity back in august, Bloodblister last month and many more titles that might wet your whistle. Now with Alters starting back in September, starting off and getting very positive reviews. It follows a group of young adults who one day wake up with powers, no one knows whether they are mutants or something else. Questions are surrounding their origins. The whole story follows a young women who is starting to begin her transition from male to female, when she manifests these powers that are very important to all of the alters.

This issue starts off with all of the alters in their training facility, learning about their powers and getting some practice in. Glider has brought in a new recruit that has the power to manipulate water and ice. While all this is going on Chalice is talking with Octavian while he performs some tests on her. Octavian asks her to be the spokesperson to the Alters, the face that people will listen to, and understand. While a bunch of the Alters are out during a sporting event, trouble is on the horizon as everyone gets attacked near the end of the issue and conflict ensues. The whole story as a whole isn’t entirely grabbing me as much as I would have liked. Paul Jenkins has done a great job at crafting a group of interesting individuals, but I’m waiting for that issue that really makes me feel, and care for the group. Something that will pull me and make me begging for more. But so far that hasn’t happened yet.

Leila Leiz has done a terrific job with Alters, she really nails when the alters are using their powers. It looks amazing and i want to see more! They could do some interesting things with these characters powers and how they portray them that really sets them aside as something great. Near the end of the issue there is some interesting things with the action and destruction that occurs. But everything is super nice and gorgeous.

At the end of the day the issue was good. But not great, I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the characters, or pacing. But I’m pretty sure if the fact that it’s still early into the story. I’m still waiting for it to pick up and take me for a ride. So until that day, which I’m really looking forward to, it gets 4 Stars

Art- 4 Stars
Writing- 4 Stars

(W) Paul Jenkins (A) Leila Leiz (CA) Brian Stelfreeze

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