More Comics! Is a small collection of 4 short web comics created, written, and illustrated by Javier Hernandez. These comics were published through 2013-2014. Published by LosComex the comic has a charming feel that would attract every eye. So I’m going to break down every short story and talk about them individually to give you a general idea of what we are dealing with.


This comic follows a cute young blue T-Rex. With the T-Rex being born at the beginning of the story and having no family to take care of him. He wanders and kills for food till he meets a red T-Rex, who looks much more ferocious than him. I will stop there, but this comic has a great feel to it. So innocent and you always know whats happening even though no dialogue is being spoken. Great short comic with a great end.


The Legend Of Felinus gives us a 1 page origin for the mythological beast know as the Felinus. This follows Jack Rousseau, a British-french searching for some purpose in life. But unexpectedly purpose finds him in the form the The Pantere, the fabled creature of Shoulashian lore. It is said that once every 100 years this beast returns and chooses a new Felinus. This is a cute little story that shows a simple, interesting origin to a character that could have multiple single story lines that could keep a reader interested. Really enjoyed this and want to read more about The Felinus.


The Super 75ers are a family trio super powered bunch consisting of Kid Kung Fu, Demoniak, and Mamazon. Each one has special abilities with Billy, Kid King Fu can fight and knows the acient art of the 5 elements. Cleo Adams as Mamazon being strong and skilled with a hammer. But the most interesting of the bunch being Demoniac the father having fowers that have him trapped between heaven and hell with a pair of angel wings, and demon wings. But with needing to use his powers to help keep the demon with him at bay. In this you see them all get into a tussle with Count Wolfgang Von Drakenstein. With a character like that you should give this a read.


In this we get to see more of the great Felinus. With getting to see some action in this with him saving the day from a robbery, The art for this is charming making it look like an old comic you would find on newsprint. Gives it such a fresh look. The writer seems like he has plans for Felinus with teasing that he had a fight with a space mummy. Sounds fun! Wanna see more from this guy.

So this is a great comic with for refreshing short web-comics, with a short section at the end of the making of the comic. Definitely recommend this. Simple stories with some classic old-looking art. Love to see more. The whole issue as a whole gets  4 Stars.

Art – 4 Stars
Writing – 4 Stars

Writer/Artist: Javier Hernandez
Publisher: Los Comex


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