REVIEW: GFT Van Helsing Vs The Mummy Of Amun Ra #1

Zenescope Comics has just published a great comic called Van Helsing about the daughter of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. Now journeying on her own and fighting various monsters and creatures on the way. Living in New York City helping out the NYPD with cases dealing with monsters.

The story starts out with a 3 month flashback about these Egyptian get up wearing people stealing a scepter from a museum. Then jumps to Van Helsing herself kicking some ass and killing a bunch of the monsters. The story calms down as she talks to i believe is head of the NYPD, or at least up in the ranks. Near the end of the issue she runs into someone from her past, like far from her past. The story seems to be setting up an interesting arc for Van Helsing, with some scenes of current action and some past action. Pat Shand has done a terrific job so far at setting up, and I hope that it gets paid off next issue and not have to wait horribly long for more.

Marc Rosete has taken care of the artwork for this title and  Walter Pereyra doing the colors. The style of the comic is very Steam Punk, which i really like. There’s nothing like it, something very appealing about it. I hope to see some interesting artwork for more monsters and beasts in future issues. The interesting thing about the issue is that there is a different artist and colorist for the flashback scenes, which i didn’t realize till i looked at the credits. It’s nice to see multiple styles on the same character in one issue. I’m hoping they do more of it in the future.

The whole issue was very solid, the one thing that was i guess a problem. It was a set up issue, which most first issues of a story line are. Setting up the story to unfold into something great. My favorite part of the issue was the beginning and the flashback scenes. Looking back on it, it’s very obvious the difference in styles. Liesel just looks great in them, wearing old archaeologist clothes. But I’m hoping that the next issue doesn’t disappoint. This issue doesn’t really click with me yet in terms of the story. The art was amazing for this. So at the end, I’m waiting for more, and hope I’m given more. This gets 3.4 stars

Writing – 3 Stars
Art – 4 Stars

(W) Joe Brusha (CA) Renato Rei
Publisher: Zenescope

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