Gunface is a comic written by Tim Hunger and is currently being published by Project Nerd Publishing. This takes place in Clip City, a city divided by two powerful families. These families do so by using guns and killing people. With Tommy Gun causing chaos on the streets, Chief Hawkins and Colt try to get to the bottom of the problem.

Now Tim Hunger is the writer for this story, and i wanted to talk about the thing that really turns me away. Hungers writing is great, there is a full story here. I feel it is being given to me very rushed and unorganized. It’s hard to follow along sometimes because maybe the panels mixed with a way Paul Jason Young is doing the lettering for the title. Something seems off about it and i think it;s just a problem with pacing. The story is going at 100 miles per hour, giving it to you extremely fast. Which for some readers will turn them off of this story. There are great things about it, but with it being so cluttered it makes it difficult to read.

The art for this comic is great. Again with Paul Jason Young covering Art, Colors, and lettering it must be a lot of hard work going into this. The art reminds me of an old crime cop drama movie. Which is a good thing, Very noir feel and i love it. The one comment i would have to say is that the lettering feels unorganized. With the overhead monologues going on it gets a little confusing of who is talking at what point. The art is really fresh, making it feel kinda like a water painting. Very subtle lines and gorgeous popping colors. Paul Young has done a great job capturing a busy city under terror and corrupt higher-ups. Want to see more art from him in the future.

So to sum the whole issue up. It has some pacing problems, moving at a fast rate getting to the end of the issue while the reader isn’t keeping up with everything that the writer is throwing at them. Slow down, take time to explain whats happening. With a story that has a decent amount of characters it feels cluttered because of the pace of the issue. Lots of people to know, and keep track of to get the full effect and weight of the story. So I’m looking forward to reading the next part in the future and seeing what improves and the story expand. Till then it gets 3 Stars.

Writing – 2.5 Stars
Art – 4 Stars

The series is created and written by Timothy Hunger and features the fantastic art of Paul Jason Young. It is one of many new and amazing titles on Project-Nerd Publishing 2017’s slate.


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