REVIEW: Brickleberry Vol. 1: Armoogeddon TP

So Brickleberry Armoogeddon is a collection of a 4 issue story about cows taking over the future and having to find a way to stop it. I know it sounds crazy, but that is actually what it’s about. Now Brickleberry is a show that ran on Comedy Central from 2012-2015 which was fairly popular getting great reviews and an outstanding cast consisting of Tom Kenny (Spongbob), Kaitlin Olson (Always Sunny In Philadelphia), and Daniel Tosh ( Tosh.o). With the series off the air they are currently publishing comic books through Dynamite, with the story being written by the original creators of the show Roger Black and Waco O’Gun.

Now this particular story is about intelligent cows taking over the earth, but it has two small sub plots throughout the 4 issue that all come together at the end. With the first being Connie bugging Ethel about wanting to perform sexual acts with her, while Denzel escapes to the past and raises baby Jesus as his own for wealth and fame. That’s all I’m gonna say about the subplots cause the most entertaining part of the story was definitely the main conflict. So a future Steven who is living the Armoogeddon is able to go back in the past to 2015 to kill Woody, the cause of the cow take over. Which whilst trying to complete his mission it gets intersected by the cows sending a future version of Bobby, one of the fellow low life who hang around the park. Now I don’t wanna get into a lot of detail about what transpires, but overall it wasn’t a bad read. There are moments where it gets a little too extra? Like it is a very inappropriate comic book with nudity and sensitive jokes that may be seen the wrong way depending on the reader. But near the end of the story as it comes to a close there are a lot of good things in it, with good action, and funny humor.

Now the art in this book is really good, being as it’s based on a show it is a good match to the shows animation style. I appreciate the work done on this book because of the amount of people working on it consisting of eleven people working on Ink, 4 people doing Color, and a bunch more doing cover art. But the art shines because it is spot on to the show, I could imagine this as an episode of Brickleberry

Now with Black and O’Gun crafting such an interesting and entertaining story, the book as a whole is really good. But like I said this read might be a little too much for some people because it contains sensitive humor about past events and touchy modern subjects. But if you were a fan of the Comedy Central show you would certainly enjoy this title and laugh at how ridiculous it really is. So with all that said and done, it gets a 4/5 Stars.

Art – 4 Stars
Writing – 4 Stars

Brickleberry Vol. 1: Armoogeddon TP
writer: Waco O’Guin, Roger Black
artist: Timothy Hopkins, Frank Forte
cover: Jeffrey Rebner

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